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The Catholic Church is a universal family of one billion members.

The Church today is facing a widespread crisis—many of its members are baptized, but they fail to live out the faith. In response to this vast group of people, Blessed John Paul II called for the New Evangelization. The goal is for “all the faithful to move from a faith of habit, sustained perhaps by social context alone, to a faith which is conscious and personally lived” (Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia in America [The Church in America], no. 73). To accomplish this, Blessed John Paul II said the New Evangelization would need to be new in its “method, ardor and expression.”

Through genuine friendship and personal investment, FOCUS missionaries invite students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the fullness of life found in the Catholic Church. In response to this call for a New Evangelization, the FOCUS seeks to communicate the Gospel to young adults in a dynamic and culturally relevant way. They do this primarily by hosting creative outreach events, leading and facilitating new Bible studies, and investing in student-leaders through one-on-one mentoring.