I am proud to announce that next year FOCUS will be expanding to an exciting new campus. Answering Pope Benedict's call to evangelize the digital continent, FOCUS will have missionaries on a new digital campus next year.

What does this mean?

The digital missionaries will use the unique tool of the Internet to live out the mission of FOCUS online by reaching college-aged men and women where they are through video, audio, social media, electronic articles and resources, search engine optimization, graphic design, mobile applications, video conferencing and other forms of new media. The Internet can never replace the human interaction that is needed for true evangelization and discipleship. At the same time, we also know that the Internet provides a channel to reach and train men and women that might never hear our message or encounter us in person. Because of this, FOCUS wants to take on this unique opportunity to use the Internet for our mission. In the time of the Apostles, St. Paul was able to take the message of the Gospel and spread it throughout the Roman Empire. He was only able to do this because the Romans had developed a sophisticated technology for building and connecting roads throughout their Empire. St. Paul used this technology and these roads to spread the Gospel to multiple cities. Now, the Internet gives us the possibility to spread the Gospel by using the technology of our age. This is the project of the FOCUS digital campus.

How will this work?

Because this is an experimental idea, not everything about the new digital campus has been figured out. But, we do have some ideas for how this might work. These ideas all fit into FOCUS' model of win, build, send evangelization.


For instance, FOCUS digital missionaries could evangelize by creating video responses to the compelling hot-button topics of our day. Or, they could create resources to help other reach out to people in their circle of influence.


Also, digital missionaries could build up online users by increasing the amount of resources and training on FOCUSEquip.org that would allow anyone in the world to use FOCUS' materials to live out the Catholic faith.


Right now FOCUS is on 58 campuses and will be on many more in the near future. But, there are over 4000 college and universities in the United States. The digital missionaries could help mentor and coach non-FOCUS campus college students in using FOCUS Equip materials on their campus.

Again, these are just example ideas of what digital missionaries could do.

Who will work on the campus?

We are looking for a creative, adventurous and talented team to work as digital missionaries. Just like other FOCUS missionaries, this team will be train at FOCUS' New Staff Training and fundraise their entire salaries. For more on this position, please see our job description on catholicjobs.com. Also, if you know of anyone who would be a good candidate, please pass this along to them.



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