It's official: FOCUS has released a new FOCUS Equip mobile app that puts some of FOCUS' best resources right in the palm of your hand.

Here's six reasons why you should download this app. (Download on iTunes here)



1. Free

The app is free to download and all of the resources in the app are free as well.      

2. Three platforms

The app can be downloaded on three different platforms: iPhone, iPad, and Android.


3. Download free audio talks to listen to in the car, on a run, or wherever you are.



4. Lead Bible studies on your iPad


5. Access how-to articles on evangelization, discipleship, and leading a Bible study.



6. Watch video clips from past FOCUS conferences 



What can you do?

1. Download the App. Free on iPhone, iPad, or Android. Find it here on iTunes.

2. Share with your friends. Post this link on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Rate the app.



What do you think of the new FOCUS Equip app?


How do we get the app for Android? I cannot find it on the Android store! Please help!
On the droid the app does not play the videos from youtube. I am not sure if this is just a problem internally or not, but any feedback would be appreciated.
You should make it available on the amazon marketplace for kindle fires. The same android code will run on kindle fires. You just need to adminstratively list your app in the amazon marketplace.
I really wish you would develop for Windows Mobile 7. There are a lot more of us using that platform than you might think. Please consider, otherwise this is yet another catholic resource unavailable to me and many others. Super idea though and great site.
Thanx,pray for me
Will this app be ported to Blackberry platform in the near future? There are still many folks with Blackberries and it would be nice if we had access. THX!
Good call on the iTunes link. It has been added. WyoCatholic: What platform are you using?
I downloaded the ap yesterday and all that appears to be on it is the media. I can switch from audio to video, but no resources. Any suggestions?
No iTunes link?
Love it!


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