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The Ultimate Relationship

The Ultimate Relationship is a tool you can use to share the Gospel clearly and simply. The presenter walks a person, or “listener,” through a step-by-step presentation. The listener is able to understand what the Gospel message is and thus take the opportunity to commit or re-commit his or her life to Jesus Christ.


What is the New Evangelization? The answer might surprise you

The term “The New Evangelization” is thrown around in many Catholics circles today, but what exactly does it mean?


Why Dead People Matter Part 3 - Lord, Liar, Lunatic, and Legend

This is the last article in our series on the reported finding of the Apostle Philip's tomb.

In the next few weeks, FOCUS missionaries and student leaders will be asking students into Bible studies on campus. A typical response by some students will be that Jesus was a great philosophical teacher or a good man, but not God.


And the winners are...

Here are the winners FOCUSequip Book Giveaway Contest.

They all receive a copy of Dr. Sri's book, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass.


Why Dead People Matter Part 2 - Why do we have relics again?

This continues our series on the recent report that archaeologists found the Apostle Philip's tomb.

If St. Philip's tomb is verified, pilgrims from all over the world will come to see and be near an Apostle of Jesus Christ.


Welcome to FOCUSequip Website and the Website Launch Contest

Today, FOCUS (The Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is officially launching a new website initiative,

To celebrate, we are giving away 30 copies of Dr. Edward Sri's book: A Biblical Walk Through the Mass. In this book, Dr. Edward Sri takes us on a unique tour of the liturgy just in time for the revised translation that goes into effect this November.


Why Dead People Matter Part 1 - What It Means to Follow Jesus

Last week archeologists announced the discovery of what is believed to be the tomb of St. Philip the Apostle. The discovery of an Apostle's tomb is amazing!


FOCUSequip Website: By the Numbers

One of the aims of the FOCUSequip website is to release a host of dynamic resources.

Here are some stats on how many of these resources are currently available: