3 Ways To Redeem Halloween

This Article is written by Guest Blogger Dr. Brian McAdam, FOCUS Missionary in the National Formation Department

Halloween is the vigil of a major Catholic feast day. Let’s redeem it!


Fall Outreach - University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Fall Outreach is a huge event on all of our FOCUS campuses.

What does this look like?


JPII- The Polish Pope

Happy first feast day of Blessed Pope John Paul II! What a day! It has always been my dream to summarize one of the most prolific pontificates in the history of the Church in one blog entry. Not. But alas, I will attempt to give you a few of the major highlights of Blessed John Paul II's reign as successor of the Chair of St. Peter.


JP II - A Testimony of Love

A couple months ago, I was on a very un-air-conditioned train in southern Poland. A few friends and I had taken a week after World Youth Day to travel and make a little pilgrimage. I think I was so distracted by how glad I was to be in Poland that I hardly noticed the sweat dripping down my face and neck or my legs sticking to the seats. Even the graffiti-laden buildings seemed beautiful. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t pronounce dzień dobry (hello), let alone speak the language; all that mattered was that we were in Poland, the homeland of my hero: John Paul II.


JPII - The Path to the Papacy

As we mentioned yesterday, by the age of 20, Karol had suffered the death of his mother, brother, and father. He was now the only remaining member of his immediate family. I remember when I heard this the first time, I was stunned at this fact. I could not imagine losing a single member of my family by that age, much less every single one. I thought to myself, why would God allow such suffering and pain to happen to this young man who He had such great plans for? One word: detachment.


JP II - The University Student

We continue our series on Blessed John Paul II's life as we prepare to celebrate his first feast day on October 22nd.

Today, we look at Karol Wojtyla's (JPII) life as a university student. This was by far some of his most formative and life changing years.


JPII - The Early Years

Happy JPII Week!

The first feast day of Blessed John Paul II is this Saturday October 22nd.


6 Blessed John Paul II quotes that changed the world

The First Feast of Bl. John Paul II is on Saturday October 22nd, but there is no reason to wait until then to start celebrating. Here are 6 JPII quotes that changed the world:


Did Francis really say, “Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words”?

As Catholics, we have a number of phrases and sayings we use with one another on a consistent basis. One of the most common sayings is “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words.” This quote is popularly attributed to St. Francis of Assisi. The saying is often used as a recommendation for how we should primarily or even exclusively evangelize. But, did St. Francis of Assisi really say this? And, did he really live this out as his primary means of evangelization?